What’s your Problem

Successful people need to be able to quickly find solutions to barriers that arise in relation to their goals. Problem Solving, innovation and creativity are often quoted by employers as being amongst the top 5 skills most seek in university graduates. In a world where just about anything can be “Googled” in less than one minute, the ability of young people to solve problems with creative thinking is less common than any time in the past. Developing these skills will allow students to stand out from their peers and provide them with strategies to excel in study, work and life.

In this session participants will:

  • Learn how to define a problem
  • Understand the stages of problem solving
    • Identifying the problem
    • Structuring the problem
    • Identifying solutions
    • Decision making
    • Implementation of a solution
    • Review and analysis

“Being a solution and not a problem proves progression.” ― Unarine Ramaru